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The Space Pirates are a violent conglomeration of races that dwell throughout the universe and are a threat to Galactic Civilisation. These are the most common enemies that Samus Aran must fight throughout her missions, and can be considered her enemies after they led an attack on both SR388 and Zebes, where she grew up.


[edit] Leader

According to the manga, the Space Pirates as a whole are a subordinate species that naturally follows the orders of a strong master. This facet is described like how worker bees follow the orders of the queen bee, the hierarchical programming decided at the genetic level. As a consequence, the Space Pirates have been ruled by several leaders, including Ridley, Mother Brain and to some extent, Dark Samus. When they invaded Zebes, Mother Brain immediately took control of them.

[edit] Species

It is often considered that the Space Pirates are several species, and not just a single one, including such races as the Zebesians and Kihunters. due to the high status of such creatures like Draygon it can be assumed the Evir fit this list as well. It should be noted however that they are said to take the name of the planets they conquer, so for example the Space Pirates whom invaded Zebes then took the name of Zebesians.

[edit] Appearances

The Space Pirates have appeared in almost every Metroid game to date.

[edit] Super Metroid

Super Metroid was the very first game in which the Space Pirates were actually shown. The Space Pirates in this game were nothing like what they actually are, however, but it gives you a basic idea of who and what they are.

[edit] Metroid Fusion

In Metroid Fusion, the Space Pirates were shown more than usual. They were there throughout the game, and posed somewhat more of a threat than in previous titles. You learned more about them in this game.

[edit] Metroid: Zero Mission

In Metroid: Zero Mission, the Space Pirates were there throughout the game, and in the end, you fought Mother Brain and a Ridley Robot, both of which are Space Pirates.

[edit] Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime was one of the most recognizable games for the Space Pirates, as they were shown and depicted more due to the graphic capabilities of the GameCube. Throughout the Metroid Prime series, the Space Pirates posed more of a threat.

[edit] Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes really only continued on what Metroid Prime had to offer. The Space Pirates came back again. Now, however, they were armed with various dark abilities.

[edit] Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

This was one of the most recent titles in which the Space Pirates have been encountered to date. In this game, the Space Pirates were recklessly attacking, and always attacking, so this game was probably the most fun game when it came to eliminating the Space Pirates.

[edit] Metroid: Other M

Metroid: Other M is the most recent title in the Metroid Series in which the Space Pirates appeared. The Space Pirates had been sent on a rampage by MB, or Mother Brain, and went out destroying the Bottle Ship. This is Samus Aran's last encounter to date with the Space Pirates, but there isn't a doubt that they will return with the next title that is released.

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