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[edit] Overall

These are all of Samus Aran's upgrades, as obtained in Metroid: Zero Mission.

[edit] Bombs

Another of Samus' must-have abilities, the Bombs give you the destructive power of laying small bombs while in Morph Ball mode. From breaking open hidden tunnels to blowing away unaware enemies, the Bomb will come in use in a plethora of situations.

Location: Brinstar.

The second Chozo Statue you'll find in the game (right after locating the Long Beam) will show you exactly where the Bomb is. Exit the room the statue's in via the right door and descend the huge shaft. Slip through the first door down along the right wall and through the adjacent room to find a second tall shaft. You'll need to break through the red door across the way to reach the Bomb, but you'll need some Missiles first. Grab your first Missile Tank in the long tunnel way down at the base of the shaft and return to the red door (you'll face the Deorem mini-boss on the way). Blow the red door open with a Missile and begin a long trek through the following corridors until you reach a dead-end shaft leading up and down (you'll face Deorem again along the way if it survived the first battle). Down below at the base of the dead-end shaft you'll find the Map Room behind a red door, but if you ascend the shaft and go through the left door up above you'll eventually reach the Bomb's room.

[edit] Charge Beam

Simply put, the Charge Beam allows Samus to build up energy in her Arm Cannon before releasing a more powerful blast (hold B). You can also perform a simple charge jump by spin jumping while the Charge Beam's fully powered.


On your way to finding your first Missile Tank (in the long corridor leading to Norfair's lift), you'll experience what seems to be an earthquake occurring near the left side of the room. Come back once you've got your first round of Missiles to be ambushed by the huge Deorem (Centipede) boss. Defeat this overgrown insect to receive the Charge Beam as your prize.

[edit] Gravity Suit

The third and final Unknown Item is without a doubt the Gravity Suit, you'll instantly recognize the canister-shaped item as the same one you found in the Wrecked Ship (which makes you wonder, as this game occurs before SM, is a second Gravity Suit powerup already hidden within the ship???). You'll be rewarded with the Gravity Suit's abilities later in the game, and once you do you'll be privileged to walk through liquid environments freely as well as walking through deadly lava without taking a scratch.

Location: Ridley

Surprisingly you'll find this item before fighting Ridley beyond his lair (which is handy as you can fill up on energy and ammo thanks to the statue).

[edit] Hi-Jump Boots

With this item Samus can execute higher and longer jumps, depending on how long you hold down A. Always handy for reaching those out-of-reach platforms, and as an added bonus you'll be able to jump around while in Morph Ball mode (aka Spring Jump). Shinesparking in Morph Ball mode is also only possible once you have this ability.

Location: Norfair

To find the Hi-Jump Boots, you'll first need the Speed Booster to reach this baby. With that in hand, enter Norfair via the Brinstar elevator. Go right and proceed to the end of the large room partially filled with lava. Once at the end, shoot the door open and run back as far as you can to the left. Run back right to build up power in the Speed Booster, you'll then tear through the door and blow through the floor in the adjacent shaft. Drop down below and you'll find another line of Speed Booster blocks barring the way down. Use the corridor beyond the left door to build up enough speed to break through these blocks. Once you're through continue on down the shaft and proceed through the first door you'll find on the left. Cross the corridor to find the Hi-Jump Boots waiting in a room at the far end.

[edit] Ice Beam

As the name suggests, the Ice Beam is capable of freezing enemies in their tracks, rendering them temporarily harmless. While an enemy's frozen Samus can safely stand on them and use them as handy stepping stones to reach otherwise unreachable areas. The Ice Beam's also essential when combating Metroids.

Location: Norfair

You'll discover that the Power Grip's almost essential before finding this item, although sequence breaking can be pulled off here. From the main elevator in Norfair which leads back up to Brinstar, go right. Pass through the Save Room and proceed through the next giant room (you may need the Power Grip here). On the far side you'll find a gigantic shaft leading up and down, you'll need to go up for now. Proceed through the first door up on the left you find, then cross the corridor to find the Ice Beam waiting beyond the door on the far side.

[edit] Long Beam

The handy Long Beam ability increases the projectile distance for all of Samus' Beam Weapons. Initially her range is quite short, this upgrade increases it right to the edge of the screen. If you are going for a speed run, and you aren't going for 100% items, the Long Beam is not necessary to complete the game.

Location: Brinstar

Shortly on in the game you'll find the first Chozo Statue with empty hands outstretched. Jump on the hands and activate the Morph Ball. The statue will display a map showing the location of the Long Beam, way up a tall shaft ahead. Climb up the shaft and cross the corridor level with the glowing target on the map to find the Long Beam waiting there.

[edit] Morph Ball

Double-tap down while standing to activate this classic ability. With the Morph Ball Samus can assume a small ball shape to easily fit through small tunnels and cracks abundant in the terrain. While in Morph Ball mode, Samus can also lay small bombs and Power Bombs.

Location: Brinstar

You'll find this ability within about 20 seconds of starting the game (really). Just travel left as you begin and climb over the large rocky structure to find it waiting on a pedestal.

[edit] Plasma Beam

Veteran Super Metroid players will recognize this Unknown Item's appearance as that of the Plasma Beam, but you won't be able to use its enemy-shredding firepower until later in the game. Once you've found it you'll be able to shoot through the large blocks with a Plasma Beam image engraved on the side.

Location: Crateria

You'll find the first Unknown Item buried in a chamber in Crateria. Start from the elevator leading down to Norfair and go right. You'll find a huge water-filled cavern with a range of platforms floating around above. Make your way up to the top-left corner of the room and jump up through the shaft in the ceiling there. You've now entered the Chozo Ruins area, not far to go now. Travel through the narrow tunnels on the right to find a blue door beyond. Go inside to find this item at the far end of the chamber.

[edit] Power Grip

This handy addition allows Samus to grab hold of ledges and pull herself up if she can't reach a platform. Just hold the direction in which the ledge resides to grab hold of the edge, then from there you can either shoot around while hanging, drop down or climb up onto the ledge.

Location: Crateria

Just after locating the first Unknown Item described above, leave the room it resided in (grab the Missile Tank first), then make your way up through the narrow tunnels in the adjacent room to reach the open-air area. Once out in the open travel over to the door up on the left side of the room and proceed through. A massive shaft leading down resides in the following room, you'll have to fall down to find this item. Once at the base shoot through the wall on the left and crawl through a small series of narrow tunnels to find a hidden room beyond. The giant intimidating-looking Chozo Statue inside holds this powerup.

[edit] Screw Attack

With the Screw Attack Samus will charge energy through her suit while Spin Jumping. As the energy charges over her suit she'll be rendered temporarily invulnerable - any enemies she comes in contact with will be incinerated. You can also break through Screw Attack blocks with this ability.

Location: Norfair

You can find this item either before or after taking Ridley apart (here I'll direct you to find it after fighting Ridley). With Ridley suffering his first defeat, leave the area and go back to Norfair. Once up in the elevator room the wall on the right will collapse revealing another room beyond. Go through the red door to find a room with a ruined Chozo Statue (this one would direct you to Tourian if it were still standing). Proceed beyond it and drop down to find a corridor leading left. Run through the next few rooms to build up the Speed Booster, and keep firing to blow down any walls in the way. At the far left end of a long corridor you'll break through a range of Speed Booster blocks concealing a Morph Ball Launcher. Use the launcher to shoot Samus up through the ceiling. You'll tear up through a number of rooms until reaching the peak of the shaft. From here go through the left door and proceed through the adjacent corridor to find the Screw Attack beyond the red door.

[edit] Space Jump

Once again veteran Super Metroid players will instantly recognize this item as the Space Jump, but you'll have to wait until later in the game before you can use it. Once it becomes available you'll be able to continually spin-jump through the air. You can also shoot through the large blocks with the Space Jump image engraved on the side.

Location: Kraid

The trek to this item's a little tricky so I'll try to be specific. Once you've powered up the Zip Lines (see the walkthrough for more details), you'll be able to explore more of Kraid's area. From the main elevator, go through the second door down on the left. Proceed through the next corridor and go left to find a shaft leading up. Further up this shaft you'll find a Missile Tank, and you'll also find that the base of this shaft hides a second tall shaft leading down. Drop down to the very bottom and go right. Cross through this empty room and you'll find a second seemingly-empty room. See the small crumbling block at the foot of the left door? Bomb through it and drop down below. Descend the room below to the bottom and go right (there's a Save Room on the left). At the far end don't proceed through the door, instead break through the wall up above the door with help of the floating platform to reveal a narrow tunnel. Crawl through to find the statue inside holding this precious item.

[edit] Speed Booster

This classic ability allows Samus to run at an incredibly high velocity, so high in fact that any enemies that dare cross her path are incinerated instantly. The catch is that you'll need a lot of room to build up enough speed to activate the Speed Booster. With this you'll be able to break through Speed Booster blocks (the ones with arrows printed on the front) and you'll have access to all the famous Shinesparking abilities. For full details on all the Shinesparking tricks you can imagine.

Location: Kraid

he Chozo Statue you'll find in Norfair just after finding the Ice Beam will point to a room right behind Kraid's den, so you'll have to finish off Kraid before finding the Speed Booster.

[edit] Varia Suit

One of Samus' most vital upgrades, the Varia Suit gives you what it always has - protection against extreme temperatures, the ability to wade through acid and a reduction of damage taken from enemies.

Location: Brinstar

Just like in the original Metroid you'll find the Varia Suit hidden in Brinstar. You'll need the Hi-Jump Boots to reach this (Or do you? It is possible to find it without them). From the elevator leading down to Norfair (in Brinstar), cross the long corridor on the left to reach the second tall shaft. Climb all the way up to the very top and proceed right. Cross the following long corridor to find a small apparently empty room. There's a range of fake and destructible blocks in the ceiling, blow through them to find a tall shaft leading up. Climb up and wait for the destructible blocks to reappear then stand on the left edge of them (don't fall through the fake blocks). From here you'll be able to jump across to the left wall and reach the platform up above. From there climb up and head left, you'll find the Varia Suit beyond the left door in the following corridor.

[edit] Wave Beam

The final Beam upgrade (next to the Plasma Beam), the Wave Beam gives Samus' energy projectiles a wavy pattern as she discharges them. But it's not just for looks, as Samus' shots will penetrate any solid wall or object and pass straight through them.

Location: Norfair

Once you get the Varia Suit, you want to go back to Norfair. Go back to the location of the Hi Jump Boots, and roll through the tunnel underneath the statue into a high temperature zone. Continue following the path all the way left, until you can only go down. Head downwards, then start to go right again. Shortly after the save room, you'll find a room with a ripper underneath the floor, floating over a pool of lava. Bomb the area near the door on the left, and you'll blow a hole into the floor. The lava will disappear, and you'll find another short path to the left. Follow it, and you'll find the Wave Beam.

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