Transfer Lock

Best Hunters:- Kanden, Samus, Weavel and Trace

Items:- Imperialist, Volt Driver, Missles, Battlehammer

Size:- Medium

[edit] Map Details

Transfer Lock is a rectangular shaped map, with key weapons on both sides. The Imperialist is on the side with the Bridge, and is the best weapon on this and any map. The Volt Driver is near the Jump Pad in the rear of the level, and the Battlehammer is to the left of the Volt Driver. missiles spawn from underneath the beginning of the bridge to the Imperialist. UA Ammo spawns on the front-right and left corners, and it also is placed to the left and the right of the ramp that leads to the health. The affinity orb spawns at the front of the map, in an enclosed alcove under the bridge. Health can be found at the sides of the bridge up the first ramp. In 3-4 player matches, the health at the top of the structure is a gold orb, making it heal 100 health. You should keep an eye on where the health is, because you may need it faster than you think. There are portals on the left and right of the bridge, and they are in an enclosed alcove much like the affinity orb. These portals teleport you to the backside of the map, but you are in a tunnel that you cannot jump out of. You can travel to the left or the right. There is a Jump pad that boosts you out of the tunnel, and that is right by the Volt Driver, the Battlehammer, and a health orb. Make sure you know where these are when fighting, they could save you. A couple things that most players don't realize about Transfer lock is that it is great for team matches. You can also play this map on multiple settings, and on some, like capture, it opens up a whole new area to fight in.

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