[edit] Overview

The Steambot is a human-shaped robot designed for the sole purpose of defending SkyTown on Elysia. They tend to do sentry duties in groups, often accompanied by a Steamlord. They're essentially the upgraded version of a Tinbot. They will shatter when defeated and are especially weak to heat and as such, are easily destroyed with the Plasma Beam. They can be quite the threat when being consistently revived by a Steamlord, making the leader your top priority before taking on his mechanical soldiers.

[edit] Logbook Entry

""The Steambot's lightly armored exterior can be damaged by any weapon. High-temperature weapons are particularly effective, and can render them inert and beyond repair. Unlike their lightweight cousins, they are made of durable metals and cannot be tossed around. Steambots serve as combat units for Steamlords. They are armed with kinetic-beam pistols, Missile racks, and can use their tool-arms in close combat. Damaged units can be restored by Steamlords.

[edit] Appearances

The Steambot appears in the following games:

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