Stasis Bunker

Stasis bunker- size medium there are 3 parts of stasis bunker, weapons: volt driver, imperialist, battlehammer, Affinity, and missiles.

1st level- this is the lowest part of the map, holding the volt driver, and the battlehammer, if you go back some youll reach 2 UAs on different sides,, there are 3 ways out of here, 2 jump pads, one in the center, one at the end, near the UAs and a door, head through the door to go to the next place. 2nd level- not much is in here if you came through the door on the 1st level, but if you come through here on the third and jump across, you'll find the imperialist, jump down from there to find a UA, now walk up the steps to advance. 3rd level- this is the biggest level that has 3 rooms, 1st room- when you come up from the stairs, turn right and you'll be in the first room, where the jump pad on the 1st level should be, you will see if you take the jump pad, you can get in 2 indentures in the wall, drop from one of them to get a 60hp health orb 2nd room- this room is basically where the imerialist is. 3rd room- this room has a 60hp heal orb or 100hp heal orb(depending on mode) head though the screen to enter a place that drops to the 1st level, there is an affinity weapon there--Kingshade 19:56, 14 July 2008 (UTC)

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