[edit] Overview

As the name suggests, the Scorchbug is an insect and is partial to high temperatures, feeding on Fuel Gel. Due to this dangerous diet, the creatures have the tendency to ignite and explode if shot by Samus. They are at the current point in time a native creature to Bryyo. Their logbook entry suggests they also inhabit other planets, however, which may or may not be revealed in the future.

[edit] Logbook Entry

""Scorchbugs are exclusively found on Fuel Gel-producing planets such as Bryyo. The tiny insects subsist entirely on the volatile gel. Like many creatures with this diet, they have taken on the ignitable characteristics of their food source. When shot with any type of weaponry, they burst into a small explosion, leaving behind only a scorch mark. It is from this trait that they have earned their name.""

[edit] Appearances

The Scorchbug appears in the following games:

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