Power Beam

The basic weapon of every Hunter, the power beam fires straightforward bullets of energy. This beam can be charged to fire a more powerful shot, also having infinite ammo.

[edit] Weapon Profile

Amunition: Unlimited
Weapon Type: Beam
Damage Ratios:

  • Non Headshot Uncharged- 6
  • Non Headshot Charged- 36
  • Headshot Uncharged-
  • Headshot Charged- 48.

[edit] Power Beam Tips

The powerbeam is one of the most important weapons in the game to master. It is a small burst shot that has unlimited ammo, making it a perfect weapon to use once more powerful weapons run out of ammo. If you have a good power beam, you can keep up with other weapons such as the judicator and magmaul. However, to compete with a magmaul, your powerbeam must be superb. You may be asking, how do I make my powerbeam superb? The answer is practice. I recommend that you play a 10 point 10 minute bot match every day before and after you play online to get your beam warmed up. Once you feel ready, take your game online. If you are learning powerbeam, seek out some great players who have excellent beams. Do not be disappointed if you lose, and don't feel intimidated. A lot of great players are very friendly, and would love to help you. Ask them for some tips. For a while, try to only use the powerbeam. As time goes on, you will see a dramatic increase in your accuracy, and victories. Also, do not fire uncharged shots, as they do relatively no damage. Fire charged shots. As time goes on, you will learn to charge and shoot at a much faster pace.

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