Playable Characters (MPH)

In the single player Adventure, the only playable character is Samus. Once you've beaten a Hunter in single player (or you beat them on Wi-Fi), you can play as them on multiplayer. Playable Hunters include:

Samus The bounty hunter hero of the Metroid series. Her signature weapon are rockets, which,when charged, home in and do more damage, and her alt form (Alternate Form) is the "Morph Ball," a ball which can lay up to 3 bombs at once.The Morphball can also boost as another form of attack.[More Info...]

Kanden A slug-like creature from an unknown origin. Kanden's signature weapon is the Volt Driver, which shoots small bolts of yellow electricity. Once charged up, Kanden fires a large ball of homing electricity which distorts the view of his enemy. Kanden's alt form is Stinglarva, a slug which can release bombs that home in on enemies.[More Info...]

Spire The last of a race of creatures called the Diamonts. His signature weapon is the Magmaul, which fires chunks of magma, similar to a grenade launcher. These shots also set your enemy on fire. His alt form is Dialanche, a slow moving rock ball which can slowly move up walls and smash enemies with battering rams.[More Info...]

Trace A Kriken, and his specialty is sniping. His favorite weapon is the Imperialist, while Trace holds this weapon and stands perfectly still, he turns semi-invisible. His alt form is the Triskelion, an insect-like creature which can lunge at opponents. When it holds perfectly still, you turn 100% invisible. But beware, you are still visible on the radar.[More Info...]

Noxus A frosty Hunter from the planet Vhozon. His weapon of choice is the Judicator, which fires precise shots of ice that bounce off any surface. Once this attack is charged up and released, Noxus fires a freeze shield that instantly freezes anyone too close.[More Info...]

Sylux A mysterious Hunter, known to hate the Federation. His alt form is the Lockjaw, a spaceship-like hovership which releases small bombs. Once two bombs are released that are close enough together, a chain of electricity forms between them, if any opponent Hunter steps through the chain, the bombs home in on that Hunter. If a third bomb is placed, all three bombs explode. His signature weapon is the Shock Coil which locks on to opponents with lightning, slowly draining their health and replenishing his own.[More Info...]

Weavel A Space Pirate General, left as a Cyborg after Samus defeated him. Weavel's alt form is Half Turret. While you move around as the top half, the bottom half stays put and fire upon any opponents. Your health splits in half when you do this, but combines together once you change back. His signature weapon is the Battlehammer, a rapid-fire gun which throws balls of green energy that explodes on contact and causes splash damage.[More Info...]

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