Omega Cannon

A weapon only available in Oubliette or when versing Gorea 2. This weapon only has one unit of ammo and fires a slow moving blast. Upon hitting, it explodes in a burst of light that will destroy anything near it. The only way to avoid it is to be on a different floor or in distant cover. The Omega Cannon will instantly kill anyone it hits and can cause self-destruction.

[edit] Strategies

Omega Cannon Strategies: 1.Attack from above, Like at the top, climb up the spires by running and jumping up them, when an unsuspecting enemy gets there and waits for the Omega Cannon, shoot it down and get away from there immediately. 2.Wait at the spot where the last jump pad takes you, and walk backward a few steps, and when an enemy jumps up, blast it toward them, and move quickly to the left. 3.Wait near the spot in #2, but be slightly on the blue where it slopes, but you can still see the small spot of walkway. Watch your radar, and when an enemy gets within range, shoot it and walk backwards. 4.Stand right where the last jump pad takes you, and look at the ceiling at a 45 degree angle and watch your radar, when your enemy gets in range, shoot it and walk backwards until you fall. 5.Go to the spot where the last jump pad takes you, and aim towards the walkway below and infront of you at a 45 degree angle , and when an enemy jumps up at the lower pad, shoot and walk backwards.

[edit] Splash Avoidance

Omega Cannon Splash Avoidance: Everybody knows that if you are behind a wall you are safe, but there are other ways to avoid it. With Trace: Go into Triskelon and go invisible, you are now invulnerable to the splash.You can also lunge to a higher level on the top. Noxus: If you switch into Vhoscythe at about the time that the Omega Cannon youmay become invulnerable. There is a set point in mid-transfer in which you are safe. Weavel: Your turret is immune to the blast, unless it is exactly hit. The top isn't though. Other Hunters don't have these abilities, so you will need to exploit these strategies.

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