[edit] Backstory

Noxus is a member of the Vhozon, a proud and reclusive race that inhabits the outer rim of the galaxy. A spiritual being who walks a harsh, righteous path, Noxus has become a Bounty Hunter to administer justice to the galaxy’s criminals and evildoers, to keep the scales of order from tipping into instability and chaos. Noxus, like his many Bounty Hunter compatriots, got the message from the Alimbic Cluster about an opportunity to find a source of ultimate power. He’s determined to get to it first, to make sure it doesn’t fall into the hands of lawbreakers or the unworthy. His weapon, the Judicator, uses cold fusion to create ultra cool beams of plasma. His Vhoscythe converts his body into a top spinning a scythe like arm around.

[edit] Biped Usage

Noxus is the most difficult biped character to master. His techniques are varied and require skill to pull off. First, let's discuss Noxus' Judicator Freeze. Instead of a projected shot with the short range, the Judicator is essentially a triangle projected in front of Noxus with infinite height. This means it will hit anything above or below it. This is why jump freezing anything is easy since it will also run across the ground. Going off this idea, if an enemy is directly in front of you and you look straight down and release the charge, you will freeze them despite distance due to the infinite height. This technique is difficult and is called the Shadow Freeze. Like the regular Judicator Freeze, it can move through walls and is powerful if mastered. The most popular Judicator move is to freeze and then headshot with the Imperialist which is an instant kill. This might make Noxus sound powerful but he has several weak points. The first is his range, all of Noxus' attacks are close range oriented. It is hard to freeze enemies and if you do get close, they'll probably go to alt to dodge the Imperialist instant kill. Otherwise, they can distance themself and use the Imperialist to pick you off. First, do not charge your Judicator. This will tell people you are using it as opposed to the Imperialist and it is bad to let them know that. It also is noisy and will give your position away. Use the freeze for a surprise attack or to shadow freeze. Not freezing also helps since it keeps the Judicator open. Regular shots can do damage and are decent at mid range combat. They are very powerful in corridors and tunnels which is a good bonus. Note that consecutive freezes (immediately after another) will not work as the second freeze will lost for an extremely short period of time.

[edit] Vhoscythe Usage

The vhoscythe is quite possibly the worst alt form in the game. The Vhoscythe is more or less a top. This means that it has very poor movement. It has trouble turning and can't get over bumps in the ground. It also has trouble on ramps making biped usage required in several places. The Vhoscythe's scythe attack does give the Vhoscythe a much larger diameter but it still is a very close range attack. Players will be able to get land hits on you with the Magmaul, Volt Driver, Judicator, or Missle Launcher while you try to scythe. At best you'll get 1-2 hits on someone while they do this. To use the Vhoscythe well, pick a relatively flat and narrow area. You can tear through these areas and enemies won't escape easily. The Vhoscythe can be used defensively against the Morph Ball and Triskelion with the Matador strategy. It's a simple enough idea in which you go to a semi-narrow area and lure the enemy there. They will try to use their dash attack and all you need to do is sidestep causing them to run into the blade of the scythe.

[edit] Noxus's Affinity

The Judicator is a weapon that fires beams of ultra-cool plasma capable of bouncing off walls. The charged version fires three of these shots at once

[edit] Shadow Freeze Techniques

This guide will not only teach what the shadow freeze but it shall also comprise of how to shadow freeze targets at the same level of you, how to freeze targets above you, how to freeze targets below you, and tricks to getting it down pat. What is the Freeze? Each character has a special ability that works with either their affinity weapon or allows the character to do something that no other character can do. The freeze is Noxus’ special ability and done by fully charging the judicator. What is the Freeze’s range? At first glance the freeze appears to only work by hitting the target directly with the mist however what many people don’t realize is that the judicator has three ranges. The first range you will notice is the straight out range, in addition to that it also has an unlimited range going up and a much wider range going down. To explain it a bit better think of the judicator’s freeze, when being shot straight out, as forming a triangle. The infinitely extending top is one of the tips and the other two corners of the triangle are at the bottom. This means that the bottom of the judicator is much wider than the top. The Range going up is what you will be using for the shadow freeze and hitting higher elevations, where as the wider down range will be used for death freezing, shooting down and freezing at close range. The Great and Mighty Shadow Freeze is a super long range form of the freeze that utilizes the unlimited up range of the freeze. Now to use the shadow freeze you have to be able to turn the unlimited up range of the freeze into horizontal distance. To turn the freezes up range into horizontal distance you must shoot down. However keep in mind the shadow freeze has two other elements, it is just a bit wider than an imperialist shot and the height of the straight out freeze so to take full advantage of all the elements you must jump while using the shadow freeze. Too actually do the shadow freeze you must shoot all the way down, and the enemy must be almost perfectly in front of you. To makes sure that they are right in front of you I find it easiest if you use two things to line up your shot; the radar and sometimes the two nubs at the top of noxus’ visor. While looking down try and get the target in between the two nubs at the top of this visor this will put them perfectly in the range of the Shadow freeze, and 90% of the time it should hit. And in some situations when you can see the enemy you should use radar to line up your shot. Both of these methods are very helpful and can work twice as well when used in combination. Also be sure to jump while attempting the shadow freeze to take full advantage of all of the elements of the Shadow Freeze’s range. Hitting higher targets As you have probably already noticed the form of shadow freezing that I just went over is for hitting targets at ground level or who are at an elevation equally to that of someone jumping. However you can make the SF hit higher elevations than at just those levels. Now rather than making the freezes unlimited height into horizontal distance you will want it to either be left as vertical range or as diagonal range. The key is angles! The best way to learn the angles is to find a good friend willing to let you practice on you while you don’t move on the stage sanctorus. The first thing you will want them to do it stand on the hanging debris near the volt driver. To freeze them what you will need to do is stand almost directly beneath them and shoot straight ahead. Once you freeze them like this several times, move back a few steps and shoot down (NOT ALL THE WAY) at a slightly lesser angle. This will make the freezes unlimited height move at a diagonal angle, allowing you to hit people at a higher elevation without having to be directly below them. Once you can hit them several consecutive times from your new position try moving to another position and learn the angle from there. The Grand and Vast Death Freeze and hitting lower elevation targets The Death Freeze is the mid to close range form of the freeze that utilizes the extremely wide range going down of the freeze. Once learned this makes a great counter for alt spammers. To use the range effectively you must shoot up. Now, unlike the shadow freeze you DO NOT shoot all the way up. To death freeze it is best to jump and shoot up at an appropriate angle (the skills to figure out this angle should have been learned in hitting the higher targets so if you just skipped to this then go back and learn the angles for hitting higher elevation targets). While trying to learn this one I suggest using combat hall just because the range of the death freeze is half the length of combat hall. Now to freeze at lower elevations it is much easier to learn than freezing higher elevations due to the fact that if you can freeze lower the exact same way you death freeze. To learn it I suggest going to the second floor of combat hall and practice on a stationary friend. Rather than moving yourself to a different position after you learn one of the angles try moving the target. Again the angling requires the same skills as higher elevation freezing and death freezing, so try and learn those first. The ImperaFreeze This technique is not to be confused with the death freeze, on several forums this is actually called death freeze but it really doesn’t matter as long as the idea gets across. The imperafreeze is noxus only one hit kill that uses the judicator. Now aside from needing the judicator to do it you also need and imperialist. Now what you have to do it freeze the opponent with either the SF or DF(death freeze) depending on how far away they are. Once frozen quickly switch to the imperialist and get a head shot on them. At first I would recommend using a stationary friend to learn it along with the scope. Once you learn the spot that you have to aim for you can start doing it without the scope. The key to doing this effectively is a quick switch between weapons. The Electric ice or VoltFreeze Basically this is similar to the imperafreeze where you freeze and get a head shot with a different weapon. However rather than killing in one shot you use the volt driver and get in like 100 (forgive the exaggeration but it was a lot). To learn this one definitely practice on a stationary target and what I would recommend learning before even attempting it on a target is to get used to switching to the volt driver quickly. Once you can switch to it quick, or while learning, find out to the quickest way for you to shoot the volt driver. The key to this one is a quick switch and hitting the l button like your life depended on it. If you are able to get in ten or more head shots with the volt driver the target will always be kill. So in just a couple seconds you can deal well over 200 damage! Note: I have finally perfected this technique and before i started using it on sanctorus my efficiency was at 40% when i would just use the judicator. Now its at 60%, so not only is it far superior but it is the best noxus stratagy for Sanctorus. The Freeze Sheild Thus far this is the most difficult freezing technique i have have come across. Basically when you shoot the charged judicator there is a split second in which the mist is a solid wall. If you are able to time the shot just right this solid wall effect can be used to deflect any attack back at the the enemy who shot it at you. Is very effective against samus' homing missles(they will home onto her) and if you are really good, the imperialist. To do this you need to fire a charged judicator in the direction of the incoming projectile. To learn this i recommend starting out with uncharged powerbeam shots. Once you get that timing down try it out with missiles or even the dreaded imp. All i can truly say about this is that it is EXTREMELY hard to master and while learning dont use it in a real battle. In fact this technique is so difficult that its almost relying on luck to make it work. This guide was brought to you by: Delslayer Image by ElderCheeseToast: The freeze goes in 3 directions, forward, up, and down. It looks like the freeze only travels forward and a bit up/down, but the up and down ranges go on forever, meaing that noxus' freeze looks like this | | | | | | | | | |-O | | | | | | | | | The "O" is noxus, the "-" is his gun, the "|"s are the freeze. That sort of shows how they go very far up and down, I only typed 9 lines but they go on forever. To shadow freeze, you point directly down face your enemy and fire, since when you point directly down it aims the up range of the freeze forward extending it out. Thats the basic way to do it, if you point your gun up at different angles you can freeze people below you, pointing it down you can freeze people above you, depends on what angle you position your cursor at.

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