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Metroid Prime: Hunters is the second game in the Metroid series to have multiplayer, the first being Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. However, Hunters is the first game in the series to have online play included. The game's multiplayer operates around three different multiplayer types. They are Single-Card Play, Multi-Card Play, and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.


[edit] Single-Card Play

Single-Card play is available for those who have a copy of the game that would like to play with other people around them that do not have Hunters. This is possible through the Nintendo DS's Download Play. Single-Card play allows up to four players to play, including the host. However, when using Single-Card Play, the players who download the game may only use Samus, and the matches may only played on Battle mode, the games default game mode.

[edit] Multi-Card Play

Multi-Card Play is available for parties of players who all own a copy of the game. This multiplayer type is easily comparable to that of LAN on other games. Multi-Card Play supports up to four players. Any game mode may be used, as well as any hunter.

In MP:H, there are seven different multiplayer modes. Each of them have their own objective and require you to do different things. But, one thing that is constant in every mode, is fighting.

[edit] Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is the online portion of Hunters. To play on this mode, the player must be able to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, the host of the games online servers. When playing on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, two modes are availble. They are, Find Game, and Friends and Rivals.

[edit] Find Game

Find Game is essentially similar to matchmaking on games like Halo. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection finds four players for the gamer to play with, and they face off against each other. When finding a game, you are able to search for any match, or a match with only players that are around your rank. However, the problem with the Match My Rank mode is that the game finds players with similar win ratios, and not star rankings. Some things to keep in mind when playing Find Game, are that the only game mode available is Battle, and that one player is designated as a host. If the host leaves the game, the server is shut down, forcing stoppage of play.

[edit] Problems with Find Game

Since the game's release in 2006, many cheats have been developed to run on the Action Replay device designed for the Nintendo DS. Many people have taken these cheats to the Find Game mode and have used them to win matches with ease. Some of these cheats include infinite health, all weapons, infinite ammo, and more. Once the cheating caught on, it began to expand rapidly throughout the game, resulting in many players no longer using the Find Game feature at all.

[edit] Friends and Rivals

Friends and Rivals is available for either people who have added each other as friends using friend codes, or players who have selected each other as rivals at the end of a Find Game match. In Friends and Rivals, players are able to customize their match to the game's extent, and use any hunter. Also, in the lobbies before and after each match, players added as friends may use voice chat or text chat to communicate with each other.

[edit] Online Service Discontinuation

Metroid Prime: Hunters will stop providing online services as of May 20th, 2014. Using modes such as Friends and Rivals, as well as Find Game, will no longer be possible. Single player and Single Card/Multi Card play will continue to function normally.

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