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[edit] Flaagrah

The official boss of the Chozo Ruins, who hangs out in the Sun Chamber, and with good cause. He loves sun, and it makes him grow. Being half-plant, one can understand this. In addition to scanning him you should also scan his Tentacles. Although shooting him directly won't harm him, a lot of shots will daze him. To defeat him, you must shoot the red button on the backside of the sun panel that's warming him up. Flip it all the way up and he'll collapse to the ground, and his roots will retract from the canals near his bottom. Roll into one of those canals, attach yourself to the socket at the end, and set a Bomb. For the next round, you'll have to flip two sun panels. Be sure to shoot him to keep him dizzy, because he'll flip the panels back down given a few seconds to compose himself. Once both panels are flipped, you'll have to pick a different canal, since you blew up the last one. Then, you know how it goes, you have to do three sun panels, canal, boom. Lastly, all four, and Flaagrah will be but a memory, and the poisoned water will be pure once more.

[edit] Incinerator Drone

A mini-boss of sorts. This guy is found in the Chozo Ruins some time after you pick up the Morph Ball. He'll try to roast you with two flame jets. To attack, scan it, then shoot the red eye thing on top (with a Missile, if you've got it). Hit it hard enough, and it will burn the Hives above it, releasing some Barbed War Wasps. Be sure to scan them now because you won't get another chance. Shoot them down, but concentrate on your objective of blasting the Drone.

[edit] Meta Ridley

You'll fight your old nemesis in the Artifact Chamber after activating the twelve. For the first part of this battle, he'll fly around the Artifact Chamber. If he halts and folds his wings, he's going to use his Multi-Missile System, which you should dodge. Also up in the air, he'll use his Kinetic Breath Weapon. If he swoops far from the battlefield, he'll come in at bombing angle to release his Meson Bomb System, which you should dodge very quickly and run away from. Scan Ridley to find that his weakest plating is in his chest. When he stops and you have a clean shot, fire either a Charged Plasma shot or a Super Missile at him. Try to stay locked on the whole time, naturally. Sometimes, Ridley will land to spew fire or stuff at you, or slash you, so watch out. Once you wear him down to about a third of his energy, his wings will burn and he'll land on the chamber platform to go toe-to-toe. If you're far off, he'll perform a dashing slash, and afterwards, if he needs to turn to face you, he'll whip his tail, which hurts. If you're close, he'll just plain slash. He'll also use his Kinetic Breath Weapon at times. I've found that if I stand close, but not too close, he'll bend down and roar. When his mouth is open is when you should hit him. Give him one charged Power Beam shot in the open mouth and he'll recoil, leaving his chest open for you to launch a Super Missile at. Keep dodging, waiting for openings, and taking advantage of them, and you'll deplete his energy enough.

[edit] Omega Pirate

This is the boss at the very bottom of the Phazon Mines. Okay, to start with, this is what he can do to you. Get too close and he'll swipe at you with his big claws. At a generally medium distance, he'll employ his Wave Quake Generator, which you should use a double jump to get over. At long range, he'll use his Plasma Incendiary Launchers, which you should just dodge to get out of the way from. You can avoid this just like with the elite pirates by not firing any beam weapons into his energy absorber which he will use from time to time. If you shoot at him when he's not attacking, he'll use his shield to absorb your attacks. Now, to take him out, you have to shoot him while he's trying to attack (preferably with the Wave Quake). Once you scan him, there are four spots you can target, which are the four Phazon plates on his arms and legs. Hit them with anything you want but super missles will take each plate out in one hit assuming that its a clear shot. Once you destroy all four, he'll call for help before turning invisible, using the Chameleon Manta. The lousy thing about the Manta is that he cannot be seen by anything, period. While he's taking five, Troopers of random colors will drop from the catwalks above. You're encouraged to kill them before they kill you. While fighting them, the Omega Pirate will try to recharge itself by standing on one of the Phazon pits. You have the option of fighting off the Pirates first, which is recommended as you will be taking alot of unessary dammage but you can choose to ignore them and pull up your X-Ray Visor. The Omega Pirate is still largely invisible, except for the pure Phazon running through his veins as he recharges on the pit it will be seen though the visor as sort of a skeleton. While hes regenerating charge up a plasma beam or let off the flame thrower for few seconds as it will drain your missles very quickly. The plasma beam works best if used single shots though its really up to you what to use. But once its done resting he will become visible and the entire process with start over again. After painstakingly killing the product of much phazon research it will fall on you and fuse into your suit giving you the phazon suit which is quite tight looking but still not as slick looking as the light suit.

[edit] Parasite Queen

This boss is in the Tallon Space Station. It's a huge bug in a stasis field. It shoots "weapon-grade" energy shots at you, so make sure to use your dodging (B while locked-on) to avoid it. To start with, scan it so you know its weak spot, so you can lock onto it. To shoot it, make sure you're not hitting the "panels" on the stasis field. Shoot in between for a clean shot. Stop when the panels go nuts, then fire again when you get an opening.

[edit] Hive Mecha

Your first minor battle on the surface of Tallon IV will be against these special wasps (DEFINITELY scan them, because they're different than the others). Use a combination of your L and R buttons to take out the circling wasps, then hit the Hive Mecha for all its worth. To document the Hive Mecha, you have to scan below the part you shoot, down in the poisoned water

[edit] Shadow Drone

You fight this bad bot in the Central Dynamo of the Phazon Mines. You can't see him or track him. Shots bounce off harmlessly. The only time you can hit him is if you try to get close. When that happens, he'll try to fire, and that's when you should plug him with a Super Missile to drop him. Don't worry about documenting him. You can't.

[edit] Sheegoth

Another halfway boss. The mama Sheegoth is a larger version of the babies. The trick is to get close to it and try to circle around it so it doesn't run you over, then wait until it tries to breathe on you, which it will only do if you're close. After that, it'll be tired, so you can slam a Missile into it. Just keep doing that over and over again. It takes a lot of Missiles. You'll find more later on but they're smaller, and they're easier to take out once you earn the Super Missile Beam Combo. Oh, several people tell me they have an easier time taking out a Sheegoth with BombsI usually get trampled, but use whichever you like. The plasma beam works the best against them but you get it too late in the game for any real use. Good though when you go back to get the artifacts.

[edit] Thardus

Also known as "The Rock" in some circles. Phazon experiments have produced this moving rock being. It can roll up in a ball to try to run you over, raise some rocks out of the ground to throw at you (which you can shoot for supplies), or shoot an ice beam along the floor, which can freeze you. To destroy Thardus, bring up your Thermal Visor. You'll see a bright spot on the rock monster. Shoot that spot with all you have. Soon, Thardus will overload your visor. That's okay, cause when you switch back to the Combat Visor, the weak spot on Thardus will be bright blue, and targetable. Blow it up to hurt him bad. Then, pull up your Thermal Visor and aim for the next spot. Thardus has seven spots altogether, and some get tough to hit, especially when the battle drags out and a snowstorm makes normal visibiity lousy. Destroy all seven weak spots and Thardus will crumble to a pile of rubble. A really good avoidance tactic that's been pointed out by several people is to hop onto the rocks surrounding the room. You'll have enough distance from the incoming rocks, and the ice beam won't hit you. You're still vulnerable to the rolling attack, though.

[edit] Metroid Prime

This being came in with the Phazon meteorite that crashed on Tallon, and it's only become nastier over the years. When the Pirates found it, they tried to harness its power. They failed, and the Prime has become immensely stronger and more well-armed after its stint as a Pirate lab monkey, with plenty of armor and armaments. It doesn't even really look like a Metroid, unless you're thinking of those ones from Metroid II that have tons of armor on them. It's got five huge legs, and black carapace covering everything. Only remotely vulnerable point is the head. The only way to damage this monstrosity is to shoot with the beam that's the same color as the little lights on his shell. If he's yellow, use your Super Missiles, if white, use your Ice Spreader if you have it, otherwise use charged Ice shots. If purple, use charged Wave Beam shots, and if red, use regular Plasma shots. You could use the Wavebuster if you have it you can use it for a short while but it will really burn through your missles if you use it to kill the form from the beginning. Overall i recommend having at least 200 missles for this. As the ice spreader kills MP's ice form in a single hit and isn't a continuous attack so it will only use 10 missles. For his attacks against you, mostly what he uses is a huge colored beam from his mouth. If he's purple, this beam will scramble your visor and you'll lose your lock on him and will have to target him manually until it is done firing it. If he's white, this beam will freeze you solid. Gold is just a variation of the charge beam attack so avoid it if you can. And his red form does the most dammage his colored attack is exactly like your plasma beam combo so avoid it as it will set you on fire. Metroid Prime will quite frequently fire a barrage of missles at you and they do quite a bit of dammage so avoid them if its possible. Once you knock him down to the second stage, he'll charge you whenever you seriously hurt him. The lights on him, and his eyes, will dim when he's about to do this. To avoid it, roll up into a ball, and into the trenches under him. Once you get down to the third stage, he'll start using a Snare Beam, and will also release orbs that will attack you, which you should destroy. Once down to the fourth stage, he'll charge whenever he feels like it, onstantly switch colors, and fire missiles that release a poison gas. This is a tough fight to be sure, but if you stay sharp and aim straight, you can beat him.

If you notice in the scene after the credits roll a hand sticking out of a pool of phazon, this is actually where Dark Samus originates and is who is fight in MP 2. Also if you look at the hand she is wearing the phazon suit that you were wearing in the battle with metroid prime (hence how it got stolen from you at the end of the battle). Through continuously exposing herself to phazon she altered the suits appearance to the dark blue color that we all know so well and is how she amplifies her power and utilizes the scatter shot variant of the power beam known as the phazon beam and continuously makes it stronger.

[edit] True Metroid Prime

After destroying the outer shell, the real fight will begin. The True Prime is a floating blue face with six tentacles. As his main attack, he will slam the ground, creating a Wave Quake that you need to double jump over. He also has a Chameleon Manta, which he'll use to change his opacity. There is a pattern to his chameleon manta if you learn it, it could make the fight quite eaiser, it goes as follows: X-ray, Thermal, combat (not visible in any special visors). After running a few Wave Quakes, it will create a pool of Phazon at its base and summon two Metroids. Stand in the pool and your beam will be powered up to Hyper Mode. You can choose to waste the two Metroids with your Phazon Beam, or you can do what i choose to do and give them each a single ice beam shot and a missle that way you can concentrate the entire blast on Metroid Prime. Switch visors to Thermal or X-Ray if he cloaks himself (sometimes only one will work), and hold down the button to bring the pain to your adversary full auto style. After draining its health, it will start summoning more powerful Metroids; Hunter (the pink ones which i still use the ice beam and missle combo as not to waste the phazon beam), then Fission (these will usually appear when his health is nearly gone, take care of them with a power bomb if you you have any) Repeat the above mentioned steps jump over his shock wave blasts which are eaisly avoidable, dispose of the metroids it summons and bring the pain with the phazon beam. It could be a bit trick the first time around but you'll get the hang of the battle pretty quickly. Link title

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