Metroid: Zero Mission Bosses


[edit] Boss List

Here are the bosses from Metroid: Zero Mission.

[edit] Deorem

This creature was the first boss you fought in Metroid: Zero Mission. This Worm creature was by far the easiest creature to defeat in the game. The Deorem has an eye, and burrows in the ground. At first, he will break through the ceiling and go through the floor. When you she his eye, shoot him and repeat this to take him out.

[edit] Acid Worm

[edit] Kraid

Kraid you may know from previous titles. He is one of Mother Brain's guardians, alongside Ridley and many other ferocious creatures. Kraid has spikes sticking from his stomach. When you get the chance, launch some Missiles into his face and repeat this to take him out. Kraid almost resembles a dinosaur, but he is a Space Pirate and should be handled with caution.

[edit] Bug Larva

Two Bug Larva inhabit Lower Norfair and need to be removed in order to reach the passage that leads to the Ridley area. The Bug Larva are vulnerable in their abdomen, but different methods are required to hit each Bug Larva's weak spot.

Shoot the first Bug Larva from underneath with the Wave Beam, but the second Bug Larva isn't as easy to dispatch. When it sees Samus, it will charge at her. Lay some Morph Ball Bombs while retreating to damage this Bug Larva.

[edit] Imago Larva

[edit] Imago

[edit] Ridley

Ridley has been there since the beginning. Samus Aran has held a grudge on Ridley ever since the beginning as well. She watched as Ridley killed her parents, Mom and Dad. The Chozo then adopted Samus and gave her her Power Suit and other weapons. Ridley is a Space Pirate who has wings, and many other forms of Ridley have been shown throughout the Metroid Series. These include Meta Ridley, and in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Omega Ridley. However, there are more versions of Ridley. Ridley is feared, and in a scene in Metroid: Other M Samus appears to be in shock after encountering Ridley again. Samus destroys Ridley numerous times, but he keeps on coming back. Ridley is truly a strong opponent, and in many games Samus must shoot usually at Ridley's mouth to take him out. Ridley has been there since the beginning.

[edit] Mother Brain

Mother Brain is a truly gruesome character. This creature has the ability to send out telekinetic waves and is able to control the Space Pirates and Metroid (organism)s. Mother Brain has also been there since the beginning, and lurked in the deep depths of Zebes. Samus Aran infiltrated Mother Brain's lair in Metroid and eliminated her and the Metroids. Mother Brain has every right to be feared by many, because she could cause a mass outbreak of Space Pirates and Metroids alike, which would be a big threat to the Galactic Federation and Samus. Mother Brain also killed a Metroid Larva in Super Metroid right over Samus' head. Cell fragments on Samus' suit allowed for the Metroids to be recreated by the Galactic Federation as bio-weapons in Metroid: Other M. Mother Brain is a gruesome image in the Metroid Series and has been since the beginning. However, Mother Brain has not been seen in recent games other than Metroid: Other M where she was seen in flashbacks. Otherwise, she hasn't been fought since Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.

[edit] Ruins Test

[edit] Ridley Robot

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