A launcher that lobs chunks of highly heated magma. The magma chunks remain on the ground for a moment once fired and can be bounced off walls. These chunks are heavy so they fall quickly. The charged version fires a magma blast that explodes into a burst of fire after hitting the ground.

[edit] Magmaul Stats

Magmaul- Does not do more damage for a headshot Magmaul:32 Magmaul-Charged: 56 Magmaul-Charged-Spire: 48+Burn Magmaul-Splash: 16 Magmaul-Charged-Splash: 28 Affinity User:Spire Affinity Bonus: Burning

[edit] Lag Magmaul

The Lag Mag is a slightly charged Magmaul in lag that appears as a fully charged shot to your opponent.This is very similar to the Lag Missles.On your screen, you will shoot an uncharged looking shot, but on your opponents, they see a charged shot coming right at them.You know that it hit if your opponent starts burning. Note:This can also set you on fire.

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