The Luminoth are a highly intelligent race native to the planet Aether. Their technologies are far superior to that of any other species yet alive. In this way, they appear to be a race much like the Chozo. They have set up facilities with which they draw energy from Aether's planetary core and seem to be drawn to light much like a moth, as well as resembling them. Their planet was struck by a phazon meteor, causing the planet to be divided into two. The Luminoth continued to inhabit what was then called Light Aether. The second of the two worlds became known as Dark Aether, and this new planet absorbed the most of the phazon during the fission of Aether. On Dark Aether, a mysterious and vicious race known as the Ing made their home, and soon began to war with the Luminoth over the two worlds. The Luminoth were defeated by the Ing after many years of fighting, and they retreated into stasis chambers in their temple. One Luminoth, U-mos, remained awake to fight and protect the others.

Samus is sent to Aether in search of a Federation vessel that was brought down on the planet. The Ing had killed all of the Federation Troopers before her arrival. Samus soon encounters the Ing herself, and later U-mos, the Luminoth who waited many years in the temple for salvation.

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