[edit] Overview

The Korba is a carnivorous plant that resides only on Bryyo. They're part of an interesting ecosystem, working together with another creature known as a Snatcher. The idea is that the Korba hangs from the ceiling, so it cannot reach ground-based prey. The Snatchers, with the ability to float, take hold of the prey and lift it into the air to feed it to the Korba. If it cannot eat it, it'll let the Snatchers have it. As such, the creatures support one another in order to survive in the harsh climate.

[edit] Logbook Entry

"The Korba is a vicious, resilient bioform. It prefers to lurk above its hunting grounds, waiting for prey. The Korba relies on the smaller Snatchers to levitate victims to a point where the Korba can devour them. What the Korba cannot digest, it expels to feed the Snatchers. This symbiotic relationship works well for both Korba and Snatchers."

[edit] Appearances

The Korba appears in the following games:

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