The Kihunter is a flying creature that is found in Super Metroid. They are apparently allied with the Space Pirates and the manual staes that they are not of Zebes origin and that they assisted the Pirates in the creation of the new Tourian base, indicating they are an intelligent race and not mindless creatures.

Their weapons of choice including spitting an acid like substance and slashing you with their claws.

Their larval form are known as Zeros and they resemble big caterpillars. Its possible that they grow in eggs or egg like sacs as a room filled with Kihunters before the Spore Spawn includes egg like growths on the ceiling.

[edit] Super Metroid

Kihunters are a fairly uncommon foe found on Zebes and have 3 different colours which dictates their strength and habitat.

Green: weakest, found in Crateria and in Brinstar. Dark yellow: only found on Wrecked Ship. Red: only found in Norfair. The toughest version.

Once they have enough damage done, they will lose their wings and will start hopping around frantically trying to attack you. Their slash move is never used in this state.

Oddly enough, despite being considered Space Pirates, they are not found in Tourian despite their assistance in rebuilding it. It is possible the Pirates saw these creatures as pawns and expendable and just dumped them anywhere when their use was fulfilled.

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