Ice Hive Glitches

Ice Hive Shadow World:
Go to the Double Damage room, and start to shoot the snowy walls. You will hit a wall that can be shot through, and can be jumped through as well. Get on the jump pad, and jump through the wall, now, once in the wall, quickly turn left, and land on the invisible ledge that is really the tunnel that leads to the Double Damage room. Well land there, and your in the Shadow World.

Ice Hive Wall Glitch 1:
Go to the tunnel that leads to the Double Damage room. Dont go in, and look above the evtrance. You will see a ledge where you can stand. Get up there. Once there, you jump towards where the pole and the snow meet. Lay your HalfTurret, HalfTurret Slice, and walk at an angle. You will slip through the wall, and be in the Wall Glitch!

Ice Hive Wall Glitch 2:
Be Weavel. Spawn in the main area, and go to the jump pad that leads to the Judicater. Now go on it, and jump to the Double Damage hall way entrance. Now climb up the ice cicle and jump to the middle of the pillar, lay your HalfTurret, and HalfTurret Slice. Now walk at an angle, and you will fall into the pillar. But be careful, it has a cut in the back, so you might fall.

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