Fuel Stack Glitches

Silo Levitator Glitch:
Okay, go to the main area, and float up the Silo Levitator to the Imperialist. Now, walk off the Imperialist box ledge towards the Silo Levitator, and jump into the light. Now, if done correctly, you will continue to float at the top.

Fuel Stack Wall Glitch:
Go to the Silo Levitator. There will be many floors, but go to the floor that is above the two blue health orbs. Now look up on the upper floor. You should see the Judicator. Go in the door that is under the Judicator. Now walk all the way through the narrow hallway, and you will get to a room with three doors. Take the door that is straight ahead, and you will be in an Affinity Weapon room, with a UA Ammo. Now, look on the wall to your left upon entering the room. You will see a small crack in between a pillar and a wall. Now, Missile Push there, and you will soon enough, go through the wall. Though, no one has discovered any place in the glitch that you can land on, so, you will fall to your death.

Fuel Stack Shadow World:
Go to where you start at the Wall Glitch, but go a floor down so you are on the two blue health orb's floor. Now, you will see a sort of yellowish wall, and a white wall near each health orb. Go to the white wall, and jump torwards the most bottom part of the upper floor. You will go through the wall if you jumped to the right part. But now, you have to walk backwards while falling, or you will fall to your death.

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