Fault Line

Best Hunters:-All

Items:-All Weapons,Missiles

Size:- Large

[edit] Map Details

Fault Line is an enlarged version of Subterranean. Some differences between the two, are that Fault Line has only one double damage, and the cloak is in a different spot. Also, Fault Line has every weapon. The Judicator is located under ground, right by the Shock Coil. The volt driver is located where the second double damage is on Subterranean. There is also a gold health in the large circle room that was not included in Subterranean layout. Fault Line is a very large map, and it is great for 2v2's, and Team Capture matches. It is engulfed in snow and ice, giving it a unique layout. The map is set up with a lot of design. There are certain areas of the map that loop around, and could possibly confuse you if it is your first time playing there. If you learn the map layout, Fault Line becomes a very fun place to play.

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