"I am Elysian, descendant of both the Chozo and the First. I am facing the last moments of my life and transferring my memory to the data pod.

In a way, our chronicle begins nearly 1500 years ago. That was when our noble creators, the Chozo, began to build that which would become our home. A place of exploration and knowledge, floating in the clouds of planet Elysia, a fitting home for its great Chozo builders. They built many linked, hovering pods: in time they formed a net in the skies across the globe, instruments peering out in all directions, studying the cosmos.

We did not exist then: only the Chozo walked these hallowed halls. To the distant stars they looked, and a great many things they discovered - including that which would later spell grim disaster for all."

This entry can be found in Main Docking Bay at SkyTown on Elysia.

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