Crateria is the main surface area of Zebes and the landing zone for Samus's ship in the games Super Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.

It is characterized as a bleak, rocky valley with mountains in the background and a vast, featureless plain that separates between them and the landing zone.

It is implied that Samus lands her ship in between a volcano due to the fact the high up rooms in Crateria have Lower Norfair type super heated acid, possibly reached by a lava tube that leads into there. This is seen in Super Metroid.

Located close by is a large lake and a mysterious Wrecked Ship of unknown origin.

Crateria has a complex cave system that connects to all the games other areas.

Along with the rest of Zebes, Crateria is completely destroyed in Super Metroid when Tourian self-destructs.

[edit] Metroid

Crateria is not explored in game although it's possible the rocks that Samus stands on in the title screen is an early and rather basic Crateria as this Crateria is totally featureless with the sky just that of a space background, resembling that of a moon.

This is excusable, however as the NES can only render basic graphics and it's possible the dev team Havant really thought of a proper Crateria yet.

[edit] Super Metroid

Crateria is explored in full in Super Metroid and is the very first area that Samus explores.

It cannot be explored in full in the beginning as the land that surrounds the Wrecked Ship can only be accessed with the Grapple Beam, not found until later in the game.

It is revealed that the ruined Tourian base in the first game has been integrated into Crateria, but not in full--only the escape shaft and Mother Brain's chamber remain.

The room to the right of the chamber has been converted into a elevator room for Brinstar.

As mentioned earlier its possible that Crateria is sitting on an active Volcano as the very high upper rooms reached only with the space jump have super heated lower Norfair based lava reached possible by a lava tunnel that delves into the depths of Zebes.

Crateria has no boss fights per se but a Torizo must be fought early on to obtain the Morph Ball Bombs.

Crateria has access points for Brinstar, lower Brinstar, Old Brinstar, the Wrecked Ship and Maridia by way of exiting the Wrecked Ship on its right side. Crateria is also the entrance point to Tourian after the game's four bosses are defeated.

[edit] Metroid Zero Mission

Unlike the original Metroid, Crateria reappears in Zero mission although unlike Super Metroid, it cannot be explored until much later in the game and firstly requires you to take the yet to be completed elevator to Brinstar to obtain the Morph Ball.

This elevator shaft is a point of no return for a long while as the elevator connecting the two areas is not yet built.

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