Controls (MZM)

D-Pad: Left/Right: Move Samus around the world, hold down to dash and eventually activate the Speed Booster. Also hold left/right to grab hold of a ledge once you've found the Power Grip.

D-Pad Up: Aim Samus' Arm Cannon straight up. Also press Up while in Morph Ball mode to return Samus to a standing position. Press left or right along with up will aim her arm cannon at the indicated 45 degree angle.

D-Pad: Down: Press once to crouch. Press a second time while crouching to activate Morph Ball mode.

A Button: Press to jump. Hold down for a higher and longer jump.

B Button: Press to fire Samus' Arm Cannon. Hold down to charge up the Charge Beam before releasing a more powerful blast. Also use to fire Missiles/Super Missiles and lay Power Bombs by holding R and pressing B. Drop bombs in Morph Ball mode with B.

L Button: Aim Samus' Arm Cannon up at a 45 degree angle. Press down while aiming to aim downward.

R Button: Arm Samus' missile launcher. Press B while holding R to fire a missile. Do the same while in Morph Ball mode to lay a Power Bomb.

Start: Bring up the map screen. From there press R to view a schematic of Samus' Power Suit upgrades. Press L from there, to return to the map, and pressing it from the map will bring up the Easy Sleep screen.

Select: Use this to switch between Missiles and Super Missiles.

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