Combat Hall Glitches

Combat Hall Wall Glitch 1:
The battle must have 2 people in it. Anyway, go in the hallway, and go to the corner with the blue health. Charge a Missile, and Missile push through the wall. You then have to jump up right to land on a ledge.

Combat Hall Wall Glitch 2:
You do the exact opposite as Wall Glitch 1. Other end of the hall, same Missile Push technique, and jump up left.

Combat Hall Wall Glitch 3:
Go to the first Alt. tunnel, and Missile push through it. Now, walk down to the end of the tunnel with the blue health in it. Go in HalfTurret, go outwards, and go back under the Alt. tunnel. HalfTurret Slice to the ledge behind the Magmaul. You will fall to your doom if you dont HalfTurret Slice.

Combat Hall Wall Glitch 4:
Be Weavel, and go to the second Alt. tunnel. Missile Push through the Alt. tunnel, and go to either end of the tunnel. Now, Go in HalfTurret, and go a little outwards of the level, you will then start to fall, but when you are falling, go under the Alt. tunnel, and you will be in the glitch.

Combat Hall Vision Glitch:
Go behind the Affinity Weapon, and walk into the little corner on the right. Now get someone to jump on you. Now they need to go in Alt. Form, and come back out into BiPed. Okay, NOW they need to stay on top of you, and you kill them. If they walked straight into the corner, they will see the Magmaul, or the Magmaul fused with an Affinity Weapon, for about one second.

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