Brugs are somewhat small purple insectoids that appear in Metroid: Other M. They can swarm together under the influence of an Emperor Brug to form a Brug Mass.

[edit] Appearances

Brugs have appeared once in the series so far.

[edit] Metroid: Other M

A swarm of Brugs were bred upon the Bottle Ship and most likely escaped their breeding habitat, probably within the Biosphere, and migrated to the Main Sector. Several Brugs can be seen before reaching the Bottle Ship Control Room, and they had seemingly murdered the Lab Worker within said room. After Lyle Smithsonian had shot a Brug, the swarm began flooding out of the walls, conglomerating around the Empperor Brug to form the Brug Mass. Once the Mass was taken down and the Emperor destroyed, the Brugs scurried away.

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