The Blogg of Torvus Bog.
The aquatic Blogg is a predator that makes its home in Torvus Bog. While Samus Aran attempts to make her way through the waters it's very likely she will come across one of these creatures. They swim quickly through the water, and are capable of producing sonic blasts that can corrupt Samus' visor, obscuring vision. They lunge towards their prey at a high speed, their powerful jaws opening as they do so. As a Blogg's hide is very durable, it is only when they rush their enemies with their vulnerable mouths spread open that they can be defeated.

A Blogg is the adult form of the species, younger specimens are known as Blogglings. Samus also encounters an Alpha Blogg, the most powerful of a group of Bloggs. An Alpha Blogg becomes the leader of the group as it is larger and more dangerous than other Bloggs. Some Bloggs that have become darklings possessed by the Ing are known as Dark Bloggs. They are considerably more aggressive than normal, though their method of attack does not change.

[edit] Logbook Entry

The Blogg uses speed and agility to close in on prey. It will batter foes with a ramming attack, then use its three tooth-filled maws to finish the job. Bloggs have a weak spot inside their mouths: the rest of their bodies are covered with a thick, damage-resistant hide.

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