"Aurora was placed within one of our floating pods and connected into the station's network. This connection allowed Aurora to control not only the facility, but us as well. Our link allowed us to reap the benefits of the Aurora's own connection to the Federation's Aurora network. The units were capable of communicating with one another regardless of the distance, and vast amounts of information were passed down to us.

As the years went by, we aided the Aurora and our Federation allies in their research. We studied potential enemy threats and collected data on their activities. It was, in some small way, a means to atone for our inability to help our creators years ago. Through our alliance with the Federation we were able to prevent many disasters, and bring an end to various threats in the cosmos. We are not certain if that was what our creators would have wished to happen, but it was certainly a peaceful life."

This entry can be found in Broken Lift at Eastern SkyTown on Elysia.

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