Alinos Perch

Best Hunters:-Sylux, Trace, Samus

Items:- Imperialist, Shock Coil, Magmaul, Affinity Weapon, Missles

Map Size:- Medium

[edit] Map Details

An interesting level to say the least, Alinos Perch has two main areas and has several locations that can be exploited. There is one jump pad that will take you to the Perch of the level. The perch is a secluded area accessible by holo-doors. It houses an Imperialist, a Shock Coil, Missles, and some Health. It also has a fairly open area to fight. The Jump Pad I mentioned can also be used to reach the top of the large plateau in the middle of the arena simply by turning around and doing a mid-air jump. This area however, is not a preferred location to fight from. You can use the Imperialist from there but then so can someone from the holo-doors where you can't see them. Interestingly enough, Sylux users can LockJaw glide from the plateau to the back of the level where there is a secure ridge to hide on. The outside area features a Magmaul, platforms, health, and a ridged walkway in the far back with a blast shield. The bottom floor is open to fire fights and alt fests. The plateau can be used to reach elevated perchs in this area. Alinos Pearch This level is one of the biggest levels in the online multi-player, this level is great for banging around in your nasty alternative form and create a good environment that would make a snipers dream, so lets get down to some key features and tactics for this level, any hunter can do well on this particular level.

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