Alinos Gateway Glitches

Alinos Gateway Barrier Break 1; Behind Lavafall:
Be Weavel, and go to the Imperialist location. Climb up the rock nearby. Once up there, you will see the walls meet together, forming a line going up. Wall Crawl up the line, and when you cant go any higher, go into HalfTurret, and HalfTurret Slice to get up more. Your now above the level, so walk right, and keep going, eventually, you will meet another line on the wall, so go off into the darkness from here. Now, stick to the wall, and try to go as forward as possible. If done correctly, you will land on black lava, so jump around the corner, and you will be behind the Lavafall.

Alinos Gateway Barrier Break 2:
Go to where the Battle Hammer is, and go to the blue life pick-up. Keep going straight til you see a jump pad. Bounce on it, and land on a ledge above the bridge-like thing connected to the wall. Anyway, once on the ledge, walk right until you see two lines on the wall. Go to the right one, and walk up until you can go up anymore. Go into HalfTurret and HalfTurret Slice to gain height. Now, walk left when in the glitch, and you'll be on top of the level.

Alinos Gateway Barrier Break 3:
Okay, go to the lavafall out in the ocean of lava. Once there, head towards the right side of the landmark and wall climb the side. Once high enough, it wont be too high, you will come up to a peice of wall that can be walked on. Now walk all the way to the right and get at the end of the ledge. Now their will be a line on the wall, it turns black when you look at it at different angles, but yes, wall climb up that line until you cant go any further. Now, go in HalfTurret to barrier break, now HalfTurret slice to gain higher ground. Now wall crawl left-wards, until you see a triangular ledge. you have to fall a bit to land on it. Now you have to get on this ledge because you need to be able to jump onto the lavafall rock, so stand on that ledge, and wallcrawl up. Do not start off by jumping, because you need a reserve jump. Now walk up as far as you can, and walk right. Now, turn so you can see the whole level. Keep walking that direction until you see the rock appear. It is invisible at first because you are in it. So, jump onto the rock, go in HalfTurret, HalfTurret Slice, and try to stay above the height barrier. Continue walking until you cant any more, and just go in HalfTurret. You are now at the highest point in the game... Probably...

Alinos Gateway Wall Glitch 1:
Take the same path as the Barrier Break 2, but walk off the side into the darkness. Their will be a ledge to land on below, but there is also invisible ledges to land on as well.

Alinos Gateway Wall Glitch 2:
Go to the blue health pick-up near the Battle Hammer. There will be lots of boxes stacked, so get in the crack with a little ledge in the middle, and Missile push through it. You should be in the boxes now.

Alinos Gateway Wall Glitch 3; Behind Lavafall: Be Weavel, and go to the blue health near the Magmual. Go in the corner of the boxes, and go in HalfTurret. Now, HalfTurret Slice, and walk at an angle. You will fall underneath you Turret, and be in the glitch. You can also run around the edges of the outside of the level, and make it behind the Lavafall!

Alinos Gateway Wall Glitch 4:
Works best with Spire. So go to the Imperialist ledge, and drop off the left side. Now, you will see the lower side walk and the big rock have a small space you can walk in to. Go in there, then go in Alt. Form. You willgo through the rock if done correctly.

Alinos Gateway Wall Glitch 5:
Okay, go to the same spot as Wall Glitch 2. Once there, go to the opposite side of the blocks, so you are by the lava. look at the end of all these blocks that is nearest to the Battle Hammer, and you will see a crack in between two blocks. Now, go in Alt. Form, and go in that space. You will slip through the two blocks, and be in the other section of the blocks. But be careful not to slip out of the blocks while going in, because its more than likely to happen.

Alinos Gateway Shadow World:
Take the same path as Barrier Break 1, and go left. When you are above the Imperialist spot, go off into the darkness. You should land on the Imperialist ledge, and be in a Shadow World.

Alinos Gateway Vision Glitch:
Be Weavel, yet again, and go to the Wall Glitch 3 entrance. Lay your HalfTurret in the corner, HalfTurret Slice, and walk at an angle. Its the same thing at first, but sometimes when doing the Wall Glitch 3 doesnt work, and you get stuck behind your HalfTurret. If this happens, keep walking around at different angles 'til you see the screen go pitch black, with a red dot in the middle. You must keep walking the same way to keep the screen up. Now turn very, VERY slightly to make that dot get bigger, and it will toggle through these pictures: Battle Hammer, Magmaul, Affinity Weapon, Imperialist, and the Oubliette on Adventure Mode. When you are selecting the planet you want to go to, it shows the Oubliette picture when you dont hover over it.

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