Advanced Pirate Trooper

[edit] Overview

The Advanced Pirate Trooper is an upgraded form of the Pirate Trooper and a stronger version of the Armored Pirate Trooper. The Advanced Pirate Trooper is characterised by its green armour.

There armour has an inbuilt dashing system based on the use of jets like other branches of the species. It's weak to missiles, but does have resistance to Charge Beam attacks. Their own weapons can consist of anything from Assault Rifles, EMP Grenades and Energy Scythes.

[edit] Logbook Entry

"Advanced Pirate Troopers wear an additional layer of ablative armor. Explosive attacks are recommended to break the armor away. Basic armament includes an assault rifle and energy scythe, both powered by Phazon. EMP grenades are often employed against power-armored foes. A new Dash Jet system provides increased mobility."

[edit] Appearances

The Advanced Pirate Trooper appears in the following games:

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