"Dragoon" Battle Drone

[edit] Overview

The "Dragoon" Battle Drone is, as the name suggests, one of the robots of SkyTown created with offensive capabilities in order to protect the station. They have a twin-rocket system, a pod being attached to each side of the robot respectively. It also has much greater defensive capabilities than the other robotic citizens, being resistant to missile shots and normal Arm Cannon blasts. Weapon-wise, it requires a charged shot from either the Nova Beam or the Plasma Beam. It can also be dismantled with the Grapple Laso, wrecking the thrusters that keep it in the air and bringing it crashing to the ground. Overall, the robot boasts a strong confrontation, but is easily dismantled.

[edit] Logbook Entry

"The "Dragoon" Battle Drone is a resilient foe, but the thruster controls of the unit are vulnerable and can easily be ripped off. Originally designed to keep local aerial bioforms away from delicate instruments, the "Dragoon" is now used in a combat role. It carries Twin Rocket Pods for offense. Durable armor and a Missile-jamming system help keep the unit safe."

[edit] Appearances

The "Dragoon" Battle Drone appears in the following games:

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